Soft Tissue Injury

My Community Research Center is currently seeking participants who are experiencing pain due to a recent soft tissue injury, including sprains, strains, and bruises.

This study will involve application of a topical system once per day for a maximum of 14 days, or until the pain subsides. Participants will be required to visit the testing center on multiple occasions during the study, or have access to the technology required for telehealth visits.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
  • Male or female, 6-45 years old (Child, Adult)
  • BMI 32k/m2
  • Minor soft tissue injury within 96 hours of enrollment
  • Spontaneous pain of at least moderate intensity
  • Negative urine pregnancy test for females

If you are interested, you can either call or visit our office to begin the application process, or fill out the form below to save time and request a call from us.

Online Apply

We will attempt to call you Mon-Fri during the specified times (all times are EST)